Our Story

Andy and Heather are a tag team duo based in New England with much to offer in the world of photography and art. We specialize in visual storytelling. Capturing incredible landscapes, portraits and moments using modern techniques and keeping traditional photography alive.

As we have progressed in our photography life, we have found the importance of keeping film alive.  We also understand the importance of today's digital world and have found a happy balance during our sessions of using both digital and film photography.  

Services and Pricing

  • Family Portraits: 1 Hour (for families of 5 members or more)--$200.00 45 Minutes--$150.00 30 Minute Mini Sessions--$100.00

  • Maternity and Newborn

    Maternity Session: 1 Hour is highly recommended if you wish to incorporate props on plan on changing garments--$225.00 45 Minutes--$175.00

  • Individual Studio/Location Sessions: 1 Hour--$150.00 30 Minutes--$75.00

  • Weddings and Engagements

    We offer several options for weddings, Please contact us for more information. Baseline Quote: 4 Hour Minimum--$1,600.00 Each Additional Hour--$300.00

  • Special Requests

    We are a fully stocked photo studio. We offer multiple services just send us a message with your needs and we will evaluate what we can bring to the table. Common requests-- Night scene portraits (light painting, under the stars etc.) Commercial and product photography Pets Photo restoration and digitizing Negative film restoration and digitizing Analog darkroom work and hand printing services form negatives Military portraits Local and national government work General photography help and tips

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